8 artists collaborate on a casual, light-hearted, simple-yet-competitive

underwater-themed tabletop card game.

Overview     •     Rules

                                                                                                    (version 1.3, pre-release, updated 4/1/19)

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Goal of the Game

The first player with three Treasures wins.

Game Setup (3 Steps)

1) Place the Treasure cards in a faceup pile. This is the Treasure pile.

2) Shuffle the rest of the cards and place them in a facedown pile. This is the game deck. (Leave space for a faceup discard pile!)

3) Each player draws a hand of three cards from the deck.

Taking Your Turn (2 Steps)

1) Play one card from your hand. Any time you play a card, place it on top of the discard pile (unless the card says to place it somewhere else), then perform the action written on the card.

2) (End of Turn) Reset your hand to its maximum size. Each player's maximum hand size is three cards. Draw cards from the deck if you don’t have enough in your hand, or discard cards from your hand if you have too many.

Turn Order

The player who most recently interacted with water goes first. This includes drinking water, washing hands, tears of joy, etc.


Players take turns in clockwise order.

Need Some Answers?

The only time a player resets their hand to its maximum size is at the end of their         turn. It is common for a player to begin their turn with not enough, or too many,           cards in their hand.

A card placed in front of a player affects that player until the card is moved or               discarded. Only card actions can move or discard a card placed in front of a player.


If the deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile to make a new deck.

If any part of a card’s action or a player's turn cannot be performed, ignore that part     and perform the rest of the action or turn.

• Treasure should never be in the deck, in the discard pile, or in a player’s hand.

And remember: Bubbles do nothing!