12 artists collaborate on a casual, light-hearted, simple-yet-competitive

underwater-themed tabletop card game.

Overview     •     Rules

                                                                                                   (version 1.3, pre-release, updated 4/1/19)

Gosh Darn Bubbles! is currently in pre-production. Card names and text may change before final print. 

Gosh Darn Bubbles!  is a casual, light-hearted, underwater-themed card game. It is simple to learn, takes 3-5 minutes per player to complete, and is designed for 2-4 players.

The goal of the game is to be the first player with three Treasures. Players earn  Treasure by finding and playing Sunken Chests. But watch out for Bubbles! They prevent Sunken Chests from providing Treasure, and do nothing when they are played.


The rest of the cards in the game do many awesome things, like help players find  Sunken Chests faster, mess with other players’ cards, and provide bonuses/penalties.


And, of course, all of the amazing art on the front of the cards is paired with beautiful art on the back!


The waves can get a little wild, but we are sure you will conquer them and discover the riches you seek!

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to other people, animals, and nature. Listen to your heart. You’re doing great!


And remember: Bubbles do nothing!

The Kickstarter campaign for Gosh Darn Bubbles! will also contain Stretch Goals that, if reached, will add additional new cards to the game! See them below!


In addition to the "regular power" cards that can be added to the game through Kickstarter Stretch Goals, there are also three very powerful cards that can be added:


And of course, if our Kickstarter Stretch Goals are met and these cards are added to the game, extra Sunken Chest and Bubbles cards will also be added to maintain game balance. :)

The seas are full of wild creatures! Let's get them all in on the fun!