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Whispers tell of Sunken Chests filled with Treasure scattered throughout a mystic sea, with many clever animals calling its sparkling waters home. Some of the animals consider the Sunken Chests a nuisance and are happy to help you take them away. Other animals consider YOU a nuisance and are more interested in making your search as difficult as possible. The sea itself is alive as well, using Bubbles to tease and toy with unwanted adventurers. If you plan on claiming the Treasure, you are a braver soul than I.


- Captain Sandwiches

Gosh Darn Bubbles! is a casual and light-hearted underwater-themed card game. It is easy to learn, designed for 2-6 players, and takes 5-20 minutes to complete.


The Goal of the Game is to be the first player with three Treasures. Players earn Treasure by finding and playing Sunken Chests, but watch out for Bubbles! They prevent Sunken Chests from providing Treasure and do nothing when they are played.

The rest of the cards in the game do many fun things, like help players find Sunken Chests faster, mess with players’ cards, and provide bonuses and penalties. The waves can get a little wild, but we are confident you will conquer them and discover the riches you seek!

Art Credits

Treasure  •  Sunken Chest  •  Bubbles

Apolline Etienne

Duck with an Afro  •  Extra Tentacle  •  Bubble-Sealed Lock

Kiernan Sjursen-Lien

Frog Eat Frog  •  Slappa da Bass •  Jerkface Shark

Jonatan Iversen-Ejve

Selective Seahorse •  Check Out These Dolphins •  Whirlpool

Morghan Gill

Deep-Diving Kingfisher •  Gold-Digging Killer Whale •  Another One


Grab Crab •  Enlightened Jellyfish •  Significant Otters

Susie "BogusRed" Sahim

Best Friends Forever  •  Pirate Manta Ray  •  Fair Winds

Sabrina Alberghetti

Fast-Talking Koi  •  Hard-Hitting Betta  •  I See You in There


Lockrocker Penguin  •  Organized Axolotl  •  Sneaky Snake


A Moment Together  •  Plundering Pufferfish  •  Picky Piranha

Christina Gardner

What's Kraken Y'all  •  Four Turtles  •  Making a Splash

Nickol Martin

Treasure and Ocean Card Back Art

Oana R. Birtea (Yuuza)